Rave Reviews from the Music Press

Magazines and websites reviewed the pok and found one of the hottest new tools for musicians and recording engineers.

  • Music Connection

    being able to control your DAW hands-free is important for musicians

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  • Craig Anderton

    for those using a computer in a live performance, it's a dream come true

    Craig Anderton's pok Review 
  • Harmony Central

    This is a creative, useful, hip accessory — two thumbs up.

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  • Mix

    Take your workstation to the next step

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  • American Songwriter

    Streamlined and exceptionally functional . . .

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  • Recording

    Plenty of people are going to get a lot of mileage out of this . . .

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  • Performing Songwriter

    A big hit at the NAMM show.

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  • Apple Pro Audio

    One of those “why didn’t they think of it sooner” inventions.

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  • Macsimum Awards

    You wear a lot of hats engineer, producer, songwriter, musician.

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  • Electronic Musician

    The pok could quickly become an invaluable tool . . .

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  • Worship Musician Magazine

    This thing is incredible!

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  • Geekazine Music Tech

    a product to help with musicians, video producers, or anyone that wants to add their feet into the mix of creating content

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