How the pok XE helps

In the Studio

The pok XE lets you foot-control your studio DAW.

With the current quality of computer recording, the DAW in your home studio can produce a professional-sounding product. But home studio recording is often a "one person" operation, where you are doing the performing as well as the engineering and production.

Picture it: You've got your guitar set up for that perfect tone — in the bathroom! So, you put it down, run through two doorways to start the track, run back to your axe, pick it up, and get ready to play. Oops! Missed your cue. You repeat the process — over, and over, and over.
For many solo studio owners, this is an all too familiar scenario. It can be time-consuming and frustrating, as well as exhausting. That's where the pok XE can help.

A Wireless DAW controller
Simply place the pok XE at your feet, wherever you need it. No wires, so you don't waste time. Now you pick up your guitar, hit the footswitch, and start playing. Need to re-do it? No problem! Use the pok XE to return to the record point, and keep doing it until you're satisfied.
Anything your Digital Audio Workstation's keyboard can do, you can do with the pok XE. And with an operating distance of up to 100 feet, you can control your DAW from virtually anywhere. Once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Wireless foot control on stage

At your Live Performance

While playing live, you can’t afford to break the flow by stopping to hit keys on your DAW. And now you don’t have to!
Wireless foot control on stage
Using a Digital Audio Workstation in shows is becoming more and more commonplace. Solo acts or small groups can use it as their backing band. Other acts use computer backing tracks to beef up their sound. But do you really want to compromise your stage show to stand in the back and hit keys on your DAW?
The pok XE gives you remote control over your computer without compromising either your playing or your stage presence. Just set it up to do anything you would have done at the DAW keyboard, and your hands are free to play. And its wireless capability gives you the freedom to set up anywhere. How will you use it?

Guitar players are just one example. With keyboards, your DAW is often just as inaccessible. Drummers have an even harder time getting out of their kit to reach their computer recording setup.
Singers need to focus on their vocals, not their gear.

Even for those not doing the playing, the pok XE can be a godsend. Setting up the microphones for that perfect acoustic room sound? You can test the sound quality from the recording point, adjust the mics and test it again, without having to run back to your computer.

Other DAW controllers may work only with specific programs, or use complicated MIDI setups. But the pok XE takes a different approach.
It emulates a smart computer keyboard, so it works with just about any software package out there. Included in that list is just about every type of DAW software that runs on an Apple macOS or Windows computer.