Meet the pok BLE - it's the premier wireless foot controller for DAWs

Free your hands. Control your DAW up to 100 feet away.

Why it's the best

Praise from artists and bands

● Setup is easy, no MIDI to learn
● No USB cable or power adapter
● Buttons have a tactile but soft click
● Wireless Bluetooth LE operation
● Comfortable even with bare feet
● No software drivers needed

Compatible DAWs

The pok BLE is compatible with major DAW software running on Mac or Windows.

Mac-based or Windows-based software including

Ableton Live, Acid Pro, Audacity, Ardour, Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic, Mixcraft, MuLab, n-Track, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, Record, Renoise, Samplitude, Sonar, SooperLooper, Sound Forge, Studio One and more!

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You can use the pok BLE with any Mac OSX or Windows 10 PC equipped with Bluetooth LE

A great wireless foot controller for your live looping DAW or transport control of your backing tracks

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It's all about the music

Stay on track with the pok BLE foot controller.

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Testimonials from Artists and Bands

Find out why so many artists and bands are serious about having the pok as their secret weapon.

Whether you're playing live onstage or in a personal studio, the pok is like having a third hand to give you total wireless control.

Testimonials from Owners

"I love the feel of the pok, very responsive to the lightest touch … and a breeze to set up 3 cheers for the pok!"


"I have to say i am so impressed with this unit as well as the customer service.”


"I use it every week live, and it always performs – sometimes better than I do!”

Pastor Adam

“I love the pok, especially for my home recording studio.”


“Love using pok with ProTools 7.4.”


“Especially awesome for people like me that have to be the performer and engineer in one person :-)”


"I got the pok and set it up and used it last Sunday leading worship!
It’s really a great tool!"

Pastor Mitch

“Finally I’ve found a way to not have to run back and forth in my studio….The pok is a life saver!”



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