What is the pok BLE?

Great question!

It's not only a uniquely stylish but also a uniquely functional Bluetooth foot controller for your audio computer on stage or in your studio.

It's a virtual smart keyboard at your feet. Instead of using MIDI commands to interact with your DAW, the pok BLE uses shortcut keys and keystrokes which you can tailor to your liking and way of working.

Major DAWs are rich with key commands and shortcuts, and the universal compatibility and flexibility of the pok BLE places the power of your DAW's key commands and shortcuts at your feet.
To get set up, connect the pok BLE as a Bluetooth device to your Mac or PC DAW and run pok Manager. Creating your own profile is a piece of cake, and you can easily load, save or edit profiles on the pok BLE and on disk. 

Already an essential item on stage tours and in solo studios, the pok BLE can help you augment your live shows as well as the workflow in your studio.






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