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Education Discount Program


We are proud to support educators, houses of worship and non-profit organizations. Our Education Discount program makes our products available to qualified buyers at great discounts! Please contact X-Tempo for pricing or for more information. In order to qualify for the discount, you will need to verify your eligibility as follows:

  • Create an image of your ID or other documentation with a scanner or a digital camera. Make sure that the text is easily readable. Your image file can be in *.jpg, *.gif, *.tif, or *.pdf format.
  • Specify the product model number you would like to order.
  • Email your file to educ1@xtempozone.com or send a fax to (323) 936-6972.

Students and Teachers

A valid ID should contain:

  • Your name
  • Your picture
  • School name
  • Current semester or school year

If you do not have a school ID please send us the following documentation:

  • A copy of a recent transcript, or a letter from instructor or school on school letterhead verifying current enrollment, or a copy of class schedule, or a copy of receipt showing payment for current semester.
  • Teachers, staff, or school employees without a school ID may submit a copy of pay stub or a copy of teaching contract or a letter from department head or supervisor on school letterhead verifying school employment or a URL (web link) to a directory or faculty page associated with the university.
  • If you are listed on a school web site you only need to provide us with the website address and any authorization required to access the information.

If you do not have the above items please send us any documentation or information you have for our review. If we need additional documentation we will email you.

Private Music Teachers

Private music teachers are eligible to receive our Education Discount.

Private Music Teacher must be a current member of MTNA, MENC, State MEA or an MENC allied association and provide documentation.

Religious Organizations

Religious organizations are eligible to receive our Education Discount.

Church, Synagogue, Music Minister or Music Representative must be a non-profit with a separate house of worship, or currently employed or working with a church or other religious institution in their music department. Documentation is required for purchase.

Non-profit Organizations

We offer Education Discounts to charitable non-profit organizations. If you are a recognized as a charitable non-profit under section 501(c) 3 of the IRS tax code you may be eligible.



Your privacy is important to us. Please feel free to hide any and all personal information other than your photograph, name, and any document expiration dates on any documents you submit. 


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