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macOS ALERT for pok v.1 Owners

Starting with Apple's macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 pok Editor for Mac software functionality might be impacted so that pok profiles cannot be edited. Profiles may still be able to be loaded or saved.

This macOS version affects owners of pok version 1 with the wireless USB dongle.

As a workaround, you could edit pok profiles by using another Mac running a macOS version prior to 10.13.4 or by using a Windows PC. The foot control hardware functionality is not impacted.


Our Recommended Action - TradeUp

For a limited time we are offering the option to trade up to a pok BLE and receive a $100 trade-in.

This is a great opportunity for pok v.1 owners to upgrade and replace their pok1.
In addition to its enhanced features, the pok BLE works with any computer equipped with Bluetooth 4.

To apply for the TradeUp option or learn more, send us an email at


1 This offer is only available to registered owners of pok with USB dongle.



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