• Graphic-Live-Streaming_Equip

    If you're a fan of keyboard shortcuts managers, you can team them up with the pok!

    Supported apps include:
    Comfort Keys Pro, Autohotkey, Autoit, FastFox, HotkeyP, Keyrocket, PowerToys, Shortcuts Map, ShortKeeper, ShortKeys

  • Infopic2

    If you want a foot controller that's powerful, easy to set up and operate, and seamlessly integrates into your Mac or Windows workflow, you've found it right here!

  • solostudio-wh_main2

    Give Yourself An Extra Hand

    Wearing different hats as a solo engineer/producer/artist, the pok XE lays control of the workstation keyboard at your feet.

  • Foot control live on stage

    Bring It to the Live Gig

    Hands-free control from up to 100 feet away.

  • Streaming studio

    Foot Controlling in the Audio/Video Streaming Studio

    With hands free, switch cameras, mute mics, change windows and apps, and more.

  • Home studio vocal booth

    In Your Creative Space at Home

    Foot-control your workstation in the same room, from a sound booth or through the wall.

Compatible and Capable

The pok lends itself to so many creative situations.
Control YouTube videos, DAWs, music score apps, streaming apps, online lessons, presentations, and more. Use it to foot-control computers, tablets, and smartphones!
Heck, you can add foot control to your Zoom sessions!

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    Foot control for most audio workstations

    Ableton Live, Acid Pro, Audition, Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Digital Performer, djay Pro 2, Farrago, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Mix 16 PRO, Mixcraft Pro Studio, MuLab, n-Track, Nuendo, Presonus Studio One, Pro Tools, Reaper, Propellerhead Reason, Reaper, Record, Renoise, Samplitude, SONAR, SooperLooper, Sound Forge, Soundflow, Transcribe!, vMix, XSplit, and others.

    • streamlabs_OBS-1

    Add foot control to these podcast and streaming studios

    OBS, Streamlabs OBS, Wirecast, Switcher Studio, VMix, and others.
    Keep your hands free while you switch cameras,
    mics, scenes, windows, and programs.

    • Cubasis

    Add foot control to these iPad audio apps

    djay Pro 2, Ferrite Recording Studio, Go Button 3, iMix16Pro, Mobius, and more.

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    The possibilities are practically limitless. How will you use it?

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