How it works

Our foot controller is pretty unique, not only in its looks but also in the way it works.
Instead of using MIDI commands to interact with your DAW, the pok BLE uses keyboard shortcuts.
Shortcut key commands are easier and faster to work with, and provide universal compatibility and flexibility with DAWs.
To get set up, just connect the pok BLE as a Bluetooth device to your Mac or PC DAW.
Running our pok Manager application is a piece of cake.  With pok Manager, it's easy to create, load, save or edit profiles on the pok BLE and on disk.

Check out the instruction diagram below to see how it is easy it is to add a custom command to the pok BLE.
In this example, we're adding a half-speed playback command to Button 2 on the pok BLE. The same procedure applies to any DAW software. In this example the DAW is Pro Tools and the command for 'Half-speed playback' uses the Shift-Space keyboard shortcut.


You can store any of your DAW's keyboard shortcuts to any pok buttons. Whenever you press the pok button, it's like pressing the keyboard shortcut at your DAW.
The keyboard shortcuts you store on the pok BLE are saved even after you power off.


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