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It's a wireless foot-control pedal that works with shortcut key commands to control your digital audio workstation.

Use it on stage to easily foot-control your DAW backing tracks or loops, keep your hands free for playing and make the performance the focus of your show!
The wireless range allows you to keep the DAW up to 100 feet away onstage or offstage.

Working with keystrokes and keyboard macros makes the pok XE universally compatible with Mac or PC-based DAWs and many iPad DAWs, and super-easy to customize to your liking.

Wearing different hats as a solo engineer/producer/artist at your home studio, you can use the pok XE as your "third hand" for remote foot control of your recording takes and playback tracks or loops.

Free your hands from the computer keyboard and discover the creative power and flexibility that the premier wireless foot-controller can add to your tracking and looping sessions live and in the studio!

Add the pok XE to your rig and
join a growing community of top
artists and bands using it on shows, stage tours and in studios.

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