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Michael Elsner

"A must-have"

"When I first got the pok I didn't realize how much of an invaluable asset it would become to my home studio.
It's ease of use, coupled with it's 'plug and play' setup, allows me to quickly and efficiently get through my recording sessions without having to worry about changes in mic placement or banging the guitar against the recording desk, etc.
I can't say enough about it other than the fact that it's an absolute 'must have' for recording musicians."

- Michael Elsner

Aside from playing with his band Chasing Saints, Michael is a first call guitarist for composer Mateo Messina (Juno, Thank You For Smoking, The Ex List), and his songs have been featured on CBS' Cold Case, ESPN, History Channel's Modern Marvels, High School Musical 2, Hannah Montana, Baywatch and national commercials for Audi and Mazda.



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