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Elsten Torres

"Frees up the stop and go"

"I've used the pok and it is truly a very cool piece of gear. It frees up the stop and go of a recording session. For me it's been super cool, since a lot of the times I work alone writing and don't have someone to press play, record, pause, undo, etc. With the pok I have all that at my disposal.
I totally recommend it to all songwriters, producers and musicians who need to have the little invisible assistant next to them. The ease and versatility is unlimited!"

- Elsten Torres

Besides being a well-known performer, Elsten is also a well-respected songwriter, signed with Warner/Chappell Music Publishing since 1997. He has had his songs recorded by such artists as: Julio Iglesias Jr. and Alejandra Guzman. Elsten Torres, performer and songwriter, continues to play a major role in the evolving music scene in Miami and abroad.



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