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Doc Wiley

An artist empowering device - which is pretty rare


"The pok is a self reliance device. You can cut tracks and not have to have a friend or engineer over to use. It's artistic driven in as much as you don't need help to use. If you have a home studio or production facility the pok is an artist empowering device- which is pretty rare.I used it with a ProTools LE System. I makes recording significantly easier without having to resort to ProTools tricks such as start recording in 4 bars etc. I can punch in, playback, rewind, and record with my feet."

- Doc Wiley
 (Grammy winning producer/engineer)

Doc Wiley has worked with U2, Prince, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Kevin 'She'kspere' Briggs (Destiny's Child, TLC, Pink, Backstreet Boys).


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